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Miss Valkerie Strikes (Again!)

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Miss Valkerie certainly knows how to put the fear of god into any miscreant, she also knows how to deal correctly with a bare chubby bottom. Ice cold and always on target she never fails to deliver hard correction to any young lady under her charge. Finally, she is a great looking dom which somtimes is rare especially in the spanking scene ..(my 10 cents anyway) Take a good long look at the gallery I found below to get my meaning -) Enjoy!

Discipline caning

Cane Spanking

The Domestic Discipline Plan

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Spanking is an act of discipline given under controlled circumstances, for specific behaviors or attitudes. It clears the air, so to speak and allows the couple to then make up and forget the offending incident. By dealing with offences completely while they are small, there is no chance for them to grow into serious problems. Spankings administered properly – improve attitudes, increase domestic harmony, create an unselfish spirit, and eliminate unpleasant situations.

Discipline must be given lovingly and accepted as the caring act that it is. Willing submission to the discipline is a must. The one in need of discipline must be loyal, obedient, and cooperative.

The disciplinarian must be careful to respect the health, safety, and needs of the disciplined one.

Putting the Plan into action

To achieve the greatest benefit from domestic discipline, a couple should decide upon a definite plan. Set up the rules and the consequences for breaking them. This cannot be so rigid that it cannot be changed as situations and living conditions change. In fact, regular discussions should take place to modify the agreement as the need for new rules present themselves. The attention to communication is imperative.

Decide upon the place, timing and position of the spankings. Many couples spank only in the bedroom or other specific area. Others may (more…)

Catherine Corbet Is Back!

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Spank Caning video

Catherine Corbet was a long time favourite on the spanking scene a few years back, then she seemed to disapear back into spanking no mans land. Disapear that is until SpankingOnline hunted her down and negotiated an exclusive contract. Surly one of the best most spankable bottoms on the net (if you like very good looking slim ladies) Take a look at the freebie spanking movie and you will see what I mean :)

Katie Leigh What A Naughty Girl!

Friday, June 8th, 2007

SpankingOnline never fails to surprise me with the way in which they always manage to secure the services of some of the prettiest models around. Katie Leigh an up and coming star of the spank movie scene certainly fits this criterea. I love her full wobbly cheeks and the way in which she looks before she is about to be spanked. If there ever was a young woman who needed a damn good thrashing then Katie Leigh certainly does!

OTK Spanked

Paddle Spanking

A Hard Bare Ass Caning

Monday, June 4th, 2007

hard caning videos

Somthing special dont you think about seeing a pretty fresh faced schoolgirl bent over a desk with her knickers down about to be thrashed hard across her tense quivering bottom. All modesty gone, and I would like to think any attitude she was keeping! I love OTK spanking but sometimes nothing beats a solid bare bottom caning. Take a look at the clip below – its a good one … ouch!

Brazillian Spanking Anyone?

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Brazillian girls are known for there big tits and very full bouncing buttocks. They are also great looking to boot! Comes as no surprise that the spanking scene has finally seen that its not only the English schoolgirl type that will end up baring her bottom an bending over for a hard bare ass spanking. I love this set which does seem to be taken from a movie. Well worth a look over imho … Enjoy ;)

OTK Spanking

Brazilian Spanking

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