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Spanking Diary has everyone’s spanking interests! This spanking blog is M/F and F/F spanking mainly, in two general categories Discipline Spanking and Erotic Spanking and contained big variety of subcategories like: caning, otk spanking, paddling, strapping, lesbian sapnking, real spanking, school discipline, belting, severe and hard bare bottom spanking, spanking with anal sex, buttock barehanded spank, ass whipping, hairbrush spank, trashing and flogging, demestic husband to wife spank, strictly british corporal punishments, school girls spanking, hand strapping, swollen bottoms, domestic pinishments. Here you can find a great variety of the excellent sapnking video clips, pictures and movies. Check all post in archives page and don’t forget old post too! There’s something you will like! Bookmark Us Now!

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The Spanking (outmoded spanking)
…Your spanking then begins with the sound purposeful punishing due sorely deserving naked flesh: neither too fast nor too slow and always on target. Ever square inch of your shapely bottom from just below your hips to the top of your thighs will become a rolling sea of bright disciplinary red. Your legs will kick with wild excitement as your hands struggle to protect your aching fanny. But to no avail. Your spanking will continue to its sound conclusion. It will not be hurried nor abated by promises of good behavior or other pleading. Throughout your tanning you will take comfort in the knowledge that although the sensation is intense it is administered with kindness, control and compassion. You are never in any danger.

Upon cessation several outcomes are possible. You may be allowed the instant relief of springing to your feet and feverishly rubbing your thoroughly tenderized derriere doing the “fire dance” as it is sometimes described. An alternative may see you held firmly in place for ten to fifteen minutes as the instructive heat continues to do its task. More strict yet is a return to the wall for additional corner time. This time your panties may be fully returned to cover your bottom thus further encasing the disciplinary heat and denying any immediate relief. This stands in particularly fine contrast to earlier corner time that may have seen cool air passing over a lightly spanked bottom. Once again hands are behind the neck with strict instructions forbidding any touching of your soundly spanked bottom. Failure to comply will bring a painful amount of immediate additional swats. Shifting of your weight from foot to foot may or may not be allowed…

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