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Bare Red Cheeks – Oh Dear Joanna!

Severe spanking

Joanna it seems like your in for a severe [tag]whipping[/tag]! Well [tag]caning[/tag] actually. But after the first few strokes I doubt she cared much. [tag]Spanking movie[/tag] lovers have gotta be pleased with this link I dug up starring the unforgetable Joanna Prichart. (Yep its another SpankingOnline star) The 3 clips on the below link show a very decent bare arse caning with Jonanna prone flat across a low bench. What makes these clips pretty damn sexy is the way that her big teen bottom sticks up, and then the way it shudders with the impact of the heavy rattan cane. This ain’t for those of you looking for the softer side of [tag]discipline[/tag]. If you enjoy severe (like I do) then your gonna like this lot below :)

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