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I really like the [tag]british spanking[/tag] movie scene. The UK used to be one of the only places you can find decent [tag]spanking videos[/tag] in he good old days of VHS. Thankfully the world has moved on since then and today Mr & Mrs Spanker really are spoilt for choice. A few companys though were here long before super fast downloads and the ability to get your spanking fix any time the urge grabs you. One of my all time fav producers has to be Strictly English. They seem to have produced well over 150 movies over the past 10 years, and when I say movie I dont mean some 2 minute clip I mean the full 60 minute film. I remember buying Strictly English VHS tapes years ago and enjoyed the thrill of seeing Strars such as Georgie Simpson and Samantha Johnson being [tag]spanking[/tag] caned n strapped in the English way. Then last week I came across which is none other that the “official Strictly English” movie download site. I could not belive I had not found this site before. Anyway a few bucks later and then im in the members area happily downloading the first of the 40 or so Full movies they have online. 2 days later and im still downloading and my hard drive is maxed but oh im in spanking heaven. If you like really authentic Classic British Discipline then I highly recommend you take a look over the free preview pages from

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