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Erica Delemar – A Caning Mega Star

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My ears always prick up when I hear the name Erica Delemar, it must be because I know that what ever [tag]spanking video[/tag] she stars in the viewer is guranteed to be seeing harder than normal spanking and [tag]caning[/tag]. Who could forget the [tag]School girl[/tag] [tag]punishment[/tag] classic “The Beating Of Erica Delemar” I think that was the first time I ever saw her on camera , and the delight in seeing just how hard she was punished. One thing I really like about Erica (and her bare bottom) is she is a true spanking lifestyler who seems to really understand what goes into the making of a good if not great spanking video production. And as for her bottom as you will see in this free [tag]spanking clip[/tag] it is the perfect shape for a heavy [tag]school girl cane[/tag] or thick leather strap. Certainly one for the weekend boys and girls :)

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