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Spanking Sites What’s the Deal?

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Probably the same as many of you guys I somtimes treat myself to a paid [tag]spanking site[/tag] membership. It takes quite alot though to get me to part with my hard earned money. For me I need to be sure that the price reflects the amount of content you get, how exclusive is it , and can I easily manage my subscription as in stopping a recurring charge when I want to! Thankfully today most big spanking sites are tightly run operations who do look after the customer and understand the real value of giving surfers well made exclusive [tag]spanking videos[/tag] and [tag]spanking photos[/tag] that you cant find anywhere else on other sites. SpankPass certainly lives up and surpassed my expections of what I demand from a spanking site. In fact is a network of 4 sites in one account. ,, and the mega site Each member area was just 1 click away from inside the SpankPass entry point. And to be honest to amount of content was! Pretty overwhelming. 100s of full movies, 1000s of movie clips, massive archives, the list is endless. Im 2 weeks into a 1 month subscription and still have not finished downloading, with already 45 gigs stacked on my hard drive. In fact as they seem to add content daily I doubt I will ever catch up unless Im online 24/7 (I wish!!) Anyway take a look at the freebie gallery and check out their tours – then the choice is yours! Happy Spanking (and downloading ;)

Erica Delemar – A Caning Mega Star

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Spanking and Caning

My ears always prick up when I hear the name Erica Delemar, it must be because I know that what ever [tag]spanking video[/tag] she stars in the viewer is guranteed to be seeing harder than normal spanking and [tag]caning[/tag]. Who could forget the [tag]School girl[/tag] [tag]punishment[/tag] classic “The Beating Of Erica Delemar” I think that was the first time I ever saw her on camera , and the delight in seeing just how hard she was punished. One thing I really like about Erica (and her bare bottom) is she is a true spanking lifestyler who seems to really understand what goes into the making of a good if not great spanking video production. And as for her bottom as you will see in this free [tag]spanking clip[/tag] it is the perfect shape for a heavy [tag]school girl cane[/tag] or thick leather strap. Certainly one for the weekend boys and girls :)

Strictly British Spanking Videos!

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

I really like the [tag]british spanking[/tag] movie scene. The UK used to be one of the only places you can find decent [tag]spanking videos[/tag] in he good old days of VHS. Thankfully the world has moved on since then and today Mr & Mrs Spanker really are spoilt for choice. A few companys though were here long before super fast downloads and the ability to get your spanking fix any time the urge grabs you. One of my all time fav producers has to be Strictly English. They seem to have produced well over 150 movies over the past 10 years, and when I say movie I dont mean some 2 minute clip I mean the full 60 minute film. I remember buying Strictly English VHS tapes years ago and enjoyed the thrill of seeing Strars such as Georgie Simpson and Samantha Johnson being [tag]spanking[/tag] caned n strapped in the English way. Then last week I came across which is none other that the “official Strictly English” movie download site. I could not belive I had not found this site before. Anyway a few bucks later and then im in the members area happily downloading the first of the 40 or so Full movies they have online. 2 days later and im still downloading and my hard drive is maxed but oh im in spanking heaven. If you like really authentic Classic British Discipline then I highly recommend you take a look over the free preview pages from

F/F British Discipline

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Who said a woman can’t or cane as hard as a man ? You should try telling that to Miss Jean Barker the fearsome disciplinarian who took charge of Isis and the lovely yet very naughty Ashleigh Macenzie. Both girls shown in this gallery seem to be in the middle of a very grim and severe at the hands of Miss Barker. Poor Ashleigh who is a dream to look at with her long blond hair soon pulls down her tight red schoolgirl knickers and assumes the posistion for a long slow dose of the rattan cane. For sure some of the stills have been posed but I recon the producers of the movie that belongs to this set can be forgiven. The photographer definatly seems to have enjoyed his session in this lot. Oh and take a good close look at the bottom of Isis (She has been mentioned on here before) neat red welts streak across her pert behind, the discomfort is clear to see in her pretty face. Very good free smut this don;t you think ?

F/F British Discipline

Disobedient Behaviour

Bare Red Cheeks – Oh Dear Joanna!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Severe spanking

Joanna it seems like your in for a severe [tag]whipping[/tag]! Well [tag]caning[/tag] actually. But after the first few strokes I doubt she cared much. [tag]Spanking movie[/tag] lovers have gotta be pleased with this link I dug up starring the unforgetable Joanna Prichart. (Yep its another SpankingOnline star) The 3 clips on the below link show a very decent bare arse caning with Jonanna prone flat across a low bench. What makes these clips pretty damn sexy is the way that her big teen bottom sticks up, and then the way it shudders with the impact of the heavy rattan cane. This ain’t for those of you looking for the softer side of [tag]discipline[/tag]. If you enjoy severe (like I do) then your gonna like this lot below :)

A SchoolGirl Bends For The Rod

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Schoolgirls, [tag]bare bottoms[/tag], bending over, caned cheeks, dont you just love the sounds of those words. Just the act of me punishing them down here gives me a buzz! I doubt there is anything better than seeing a disobedient English schoolgirl peeling down her sticky knickers and bending over a school stool with her chubby teenage bottom high in the air. Well their is 1 thing thats better, and thats when the bottom that is so perfectly bent over is then given a [tag]severe caning[/tag]! Isis the young lady in the freebie gallery below certainly knows what its like to act the part of the naughty [tag]schoolgirl[/tag]. Oh and her vids are superb as well! In my view one of the most “cane”able” bottoms on the web today …. ! To see pictrures click on the pictures below if you prefer video clip click here

SchoolGirl spanking

School spanking

Severe Bare Bottom Caning Anyone?

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Severe bare bottom caning

Ok so we know that otk over the knee [tag]spanking[/tag] is popular. I wont argue with that. But the Brits seem to have a definate kink for severe use of the cane delivered with full force across a bare quivering bottom! I found the below free [tag]spanking movie[/tag] gallery on one my many late night spanking searches. Honestly the girl in the video “Sarah” takes such a thrashing with the rod that it almost brought tears to my eyes! I loved the way though her bare buttocks are criss crossed with deep angry welts, the size and shape of [tag]her bottom[/tag] and the way she took the full force of a very real harsh [tag]caning[/tag] across her back side and bare legs! If welts tears and very naughty [tag]schoolgirls[/tag] are not your thing dont click … but if you enjoy red swollen welted cheeks then you gotta see this ;)

Bad Girls Punished Review

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Welts on a big black booty

The spanking niche is a hard one to find on the internet. Sure, there are a few sites that deliver goods, but it really is rare. In fact, although [tag]spanking photos[/tag] are pretty popular on the internet, it’s hard to find [tag]hardcore spanking[/tag] videos with any kind of production value at all. That’s where [tag]Bad Girls Punished[/tag] comes in.

Bad Girls Punished is an all exclusive and very extreme [tag]spanking site[/tag] that’s based in the UK. Bare bottom ladies get the [tag]punishment[/tag] they know that they deserve. You won’t believe your eyes when you see just how hard these girls get [tag]spanked[/tag], [tag]caned[/tag], and more. The men involved show no mercy when pummeling a woman’s [tag]ass[/tag] in these videos. The member’s area of Bad Girls Punished is delightfully simple. On the main page is a listing of the 10 latest videos, with 3 preview pictures and download links.

Bent over the knee and spanked like a whore

There is also a quick archives page where you can view all the updates on one simple page with just one picture preview. Downloading the videos only takes one click and you will get the videos very quickly on your hard drive. There’s no DRM on these videos which means you can keep everything that you download forever… and trust me, that’s something you’ll definitely want to do.

The action in these videos is really hot and hard. [tag]Girls get spanked [/tag]with everything from hands to [tag]straps[/tag] to [tag]paddles[/tag] to [tag]hairbrushes[/tag]. They are shown no mercy at all and their screams of pain and joy are met with even harder thrashes on their poor bottoms. Even tears won’t stop the relentless [tag]spanker[/tag] from proceeding with his god given right to [tag]spank[/tag] and torture. Closeups are shown of both the spanking action and the poor girls’ faces as they receive a very serious punishment. You can tell that some girls love it on the inside while others are visibly miserable – it’s hard to decide which is better.

Petite girl gets a hairbrush to her ass

Real amateurs put up with the hardest spanking of their lives. Their asses turn every color of the rainbow after the not-so-gentle [tag]whipping[/tag], [tag]caning[/tag], and [tag]slapping[/tag] that they experience. These girls are ready for some really extreme [tag]discipline[/tag] and will love every minute of it – NOT! These ladies do like it rough but they’re not prepared for how hard they get it here. White [tag]bottoms[/tag] turn a bright shade of purple after the infamous “hairbrush treatment”. Even ebony girls show huge welts on their dark sexy bottoms.

Argument leads to a hot spanking session

Bad Girls Punished is a definitive site for all [tag]spanking video[/tag] lovers out there. There is a wide array of girls from young to old and a lot of hard [tag]ass thrashing[/tag]. The videos on this site are truly unforgettable and very hot for any true spanking enthusiast. There are no gimmicks here and that’s very apparent in the movies. These girls really do get spanked as hard as physically possible.

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