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Spanked for Smoking

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

I resume post gallery here from House of Taboo (first post here)and today I put f/f gallery where cute school girl gets otk and paddle spanked by her mom for smoking. This full set contains about 150 full size pictures and matching high-res videos all inside the House of Taboo

School Girl OTK Spanked

Paddle Spanking

Big Girls Big Bottoms

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Big broad American butts are what makes this gallery so spankable! Mix in a good dose of illicit lesbian sex, and a stern English Master with a cane in his hand and you have the perfect setting for a damn good spanking movie. This freebie is from the movie “Lesbians Punished” not exactly the most orrigional title in the world but the movie is pretty decent. Lots of ass and anal licking and the Spanking and caning is pretty hard Especially for the chubby big butted girl. Just watch those bare broad cheeks juggle and shake as her buttocks are given a resounding Spanking then thrashed hard with the cane. Gosh im sweating time for a drink I think ;)

Lesbians Punished

Ass Spanking

Thrashed In The Cellar!

Monday, April 9th, 2007

The dark damp room downstairs … enough to fill any naughty teenager with tummy churning dread! Especially if the wretch knows that the cellar is the place where the household canes and straps are kept. Interesting to think how many houses in the past kept such impliments for the purpose of correcting naughty daughters. It fits well, a grey lonly cellar and a pretty fresh faced schoolgirl stood with bare bottom quivering with fear as she is lectured. At the end of her beating her buttocks and thighs are a mass of horrid deep red welts, and the cane is hung back on the wall … Until next time! Hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I did.

Spanking in the Cellar

Hard Spanking

School Girls In Trouble!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Touch your toes, Bend Over, Assume the posistion, take down your knickers! These are sentances that would fill any naughty schoolgirl with fear (and probably and aching tummy) It does though seem to fit well together seeing a bright good looking teenage schoolgirl suddenly pulling down her knickers, shaking with fear as the head master stands in theback ground felxing his long Rattan cane! Then with her tight bare bottom high in the air 6 or 7 hard strokes are delivered – end result schoolgirl is in floods of tears, bottom is covered in welts. What a way to educate eh !!!!

School Discipline

School Girls Spanked

School caning

In The Red Again (Miss Simpson ??)

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

british spanking and caning video

Miss or is it Miz Simpson also known in some of her earlier movies simply as “Georgie” seems to pop up on the net every now and then. I found this superb movie gallery starring Georgie and none of than the classic Catherine Corbet. Seems like the movie “In The Red Again” as shot a few years back but by all accounts its a Spanking & Caning classic! Good long plot, lots of red asses, and even a nice scene where Georgie takes poor Catherine Corbet over her knee for a hard bare bottom spanking. Time to download the full movie I think ;) Well done again Strictly English!

Riding Crops & Birched Bottoms

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Burchington Manner - Birch Spanking Video

Well you don’t hear the word Birch much these days let alone “Birching” its a rare sight in Spanking videos these days and probably for good reason. I have only ever had the pleasure of using the Birch 1 time and trust me its a tricky spanko tool to master. When done properly though it can look superb. Now when you combine an authentic bare bottom birching and the Spanking model Samantha Johnson you know your in for a treat! Take a look at the free movie clips in this gallery and you will see what I mean. Authenitc country side setting, some superb looking bums and of course quite a bit of severe bare bottom Birching

Noteworthy Spanking Link

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

I know one site on the net and want to share one’s impressions with you. This is not fully spanking site but its got spanking section with amazing spanking stuff pictures and videos. Okay now you can see one of the last gallery from the site – “Naughty Hottie Spanked by the Headmaster”

SchoolGirl spanking

School spanking

Spanking Sites What’s the Deal?

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Probably the same as many of you guys I somtimes treat myself to a paid [tag]spanking site[/tag] membership. It takes quite alot though to get me to part with my hard earned money. For me I need to be sure that the price reflects the amount of content you get, how exclusive is it , and can I easily manage my subscription as in stopping a recurring charge when I want to! Thankfully today most big spanking sites are tightly run operations who do look after the customer and understand the real value of giving surfers well made exclusive [tag]spanking videos[/tag] and [tag]spanking photos[/tag] that you cant find anywhere else on other sites. SpankPass certainly lives up and surpassed my expections of what I demand from a spanking site. In fact is a network of 4 sites in one account. ,, and the mega site Each member area was just 1 click away from inside the SpankPass entry point. And to be honest to amount of content was! Pretty overwhelming. 100s of full movies, 1000s of movie clips, massive archives, the list is endless. Im 2 weeks into a 1 month subscription and still have not finished downloading, with already 45 gigs stacked on my hard drive. In fact as they seem to add content daily I doubt I will ever catch up unless Im online 24/7 (I wish!!) Anyway take a look at the freebie gallery and check out their tours – then the choice is yours! Happy Spanking (and downloading ;)

Erica Delemar – A Caning Mega Star

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Spanking and Caning

My ears always prick up when I hear the name Erica Delemar, it must be because I know that what ever [tag]spanking video[/tag] she stars in the viewer is guranteed to be seeing harder than normal spanking and [tag]caning[/tag]. Who could forget the [tag]School girl[/tag] [tag]punishment[/tag] classic “The Beating Of Erica Delemar” I think that was the first time I ever saw her on camera , and the delight in seeing just how hard she was punished. One thing I really like about Erica (and her bare bottom) is she is a true spanking lifestyler who seems to really understand what goes into the making of a good if not great spanking video production. And as for her bottom as you will see in this free [tag]spanking clip[/tag] it is the perfect shape for a heavy [tag]school girl cane[/tag] or thick leather strap. Certainly one for the weekend boys and girls :)

Strictly British Spanking Videos!

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

I really like the [tag]british spanking[/tag] movie scene. The UK used to be one of the only places you can find decent [tag]spanking videos[/tag] in he good old days of VHS. Thankfully the world has moved on since then and today Mr & Mrs Spanker really are spoilt for choice. A few companys though were here long before super fast downloads and the ability to get your spanking fix any time the urge grabs you. One of my all time fav producers has to be Strictly English. They seem to have produced well over 150 movies over the past 10 years, and when I say movie I dont mean some 2 minute clip I mean the full 60 minute film. I remember buying Strictly English VHS tapes years ago and enjoyed the thrill of seeing Strars such as Georgie Simpson and Samantha Johnson being [tag]spanking[/tag] caned n strapped in the English way. Then last week I came across which is none other that the “official Strictly English” movie download site. I could not belive I had not found this site before. Anyway a few bucks later and then im in the members area happily downloading the first of the 40 or so Full movies they have online. 2 days later and im still downloading and my hard drive is maxed but oh im in spanking heaven. If you like really authentic Classic British Discipline then I highly recommend you take a look over the free preview pages from

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