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Hard OTK Spankings

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007


“PULL DOWN YOUR KNICKERS AND GET OVER MY KNEE NOW YOUNG LADY” That sentance im sure has been used many times, and each time it is used, if said in the correct tone should send a shiver of fear (or thrill) down the back of the young lady about to get her bare bottom spanked. It maybe the realisation that she indeed to be punished for some misdeed or other, or it could be the acute shame she feels when dropping her pants and baring all. Then after all the talking is over, its time to go over the knee and let the bare bottom Spanking begin :)

Katie Leigh What A Naughty Girl!

Friday, June 8th, 2007

SpankingOnline never fails to surprise me with the way in which they always manage to secure the services of some of the prettiest models around. Katie Leigh an up and coming star of the spank movie scene certainly fits this criterea. I love her full wobbly cheeks and the way in which she looks before she is about to be spanked. If there ever was a young woman who needed a damn good thrashing then Katie Leigh certainly does!

OTK Spanked

Paddle Spanking

Brazillian Spanking Anyone?

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Brazillian girls are known for there big tits and very full bouncing buttocks. They are also great looking to boot! Comes as no surprise that the spanking scene has finally seen that its not only the English schoolgirl type that will end up baring her bottom an bending over for a hard bare ass spanking. I love this set which does seem to be taken from a movie. Well worth a look over imho … Enjoy ;)

OTK Spanking

Brazilian Spanking

Spanked for Smoking

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

I resume post gallery here from House of Taboo (first post here)and today I put f/f gallery where cute school girl gets otk and paddle spanked by her mom for smoking. This full set contains about 150 full size pictures and matching high-res videos all inside the House of Taboo

School Girl OTK Spanked

Paddle Spanking

Big Girls Big Bottoms

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Big broad American butts are what makes this gallery so spankable! Mix in a good dose of illicit lesbian sex, and a stern English Master with a cane in his hand and you have the perfect setting for a damn good spanking movie. This freebie is from the movie “Lesbians Punished” not exactly the most orrigional title in the world but the movie is pretty decent. Lots of ass and anal licking and the Spanking and caning is pretty hard Especially for the chubby big butted girl. Just watch those bare broad cheeks juggle and shake as her buttocks are given a resounding Spanking then thrashed hard with the cane. Gosh im sweating time for a drink I think ;)

Lesbians Punished

Ass Spanking

Bad Girls Punished Review

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Welts on a big black booty

The spanking niche is a hard one to find on the internet. Sure, there are a few sites that deliver goods, but it really is rare. In fact, although [tag]spanking photos[/tag] are pretty popular on the internet, it’s hard to find [tag]hardcore spanking[/tag] videos with any kind of production value at all. That’s where [tag]Bad Girls Punished[/tag] comes in.

Bad Girls Punished is an all exclusive and very extreme [tag]spanking site[/tag] that’s based in the UK. Bare bottom ladies get the [tag]punishment[/tag] they know that they deserve. You won’t believe your eyes when you see just how hard these girls get [tag]spanked[/tag], [tag]caned[/tag], and more. The men involved show no mercy when pummeling a woman’s [tag]ass[/tag] in these videos. The member’s area of Bad Girls Punished is delightfully simple. On the main page is a listing of the 10 latest videos, with 3 preview pictures and download links.

Bent over the knee and spanked like a whore

There is also a quick archives page where you can view all the updates on one simple page with just one picture preview. Downloading the videos only takes one click and you will get the videos very quickly on your hard drive. There’s no DRM on these videos which means you can keep everything that you download forever… and trust me, that’s something you’ll definitely want to do.

The action in these videos is really hot and hard. [tag]Girls get spanked [/tag]with everything from hands to [tag]straps[/tag] to [tag]paddles[/tag] to [tag]hairbrushes[/tag]. They are shown no mercy at all and their screams of pain and joy are met with even harder thrashes on their poor bottoms. Even tears won’t stop the relentless [tag]spanker[/tag] from proceeding with his god given right to [tag]spank[/tag] and torture. Closeups are shown of both the spanking action and the poor girls’ faces as they receive a very serious punishment. You can tell that some girls love it on the inside while others are visibly miserable – it’s hard to decide which is better.

Petite girl gets a hairbrush to her ass

Real amateurs put up with the hardest spanking of their lives. Their asses turn every color of the rainbow after the not-so-gentle [tag]whipping[/tag], [tag]caning[/tag], and [tag]slapping[/tag] that they experience. These girls are ready for some really extreme [tag]discipline[/tag] and will love every minute of it – NOT! These ladies do like it rough but they’re not prepared for how hard they get it here. White [tag]bottoms[/tag] turn a bright shade of purple after the infamous “hairbrush treatment”. Even ebony girls show huge welts on their dark sexy bottoms.

Argument leads to a hot spanking session

Bad Girls Punished is a definitive site for all [tag]spanking video[/tag] lovers out there. There is a wide array of girls from young to old and a lot of hard [tag]ass thrashing[/tag]. The videos on this site are truly unforgettable and very hot for any true spanking enthusiast. There are no gimmicks here and that’s very apparent in the movies. These girls really do get spanked as hard as physically possible.

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