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F/F British Discipline

Who said a woman can’t or cane as hard as a man ? You should try telling that to Miss Jean Barker the fearsome disciplinarian who took charge of Isis and the lovely yet very naughty Ashleigh Macenzie. Both girls shown in this gallery seem to be in the middle of a very grim and severe at the hands of Miss Barker. Poor Ashleigh who is a dream to look at with her long blond hair soon pulls down her tight red schoolgirl knickers and assumes the posistion for a long slow dose of the rattan cane. For sure some of the stills have been posed but I recon the producers of the movie that belongs to this set can be forgiven. The photographer definatly seems to have enjoyed his session in this lot. Oh and take a good close look at the bottom of Isis (She has been mentioned on here before) neat red welts streak across her pert behind, the discomfort is clear to see in her pretty face. Very good free smut this don;t you think ?

F/F British Discipline

Disobedient Behaviour

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