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A SchoolGirl Bends For The Rod

Schoolgirls, [tag]bare bottoms[/tag], bending over, caned cheeks, dont you just love the sounds of those words. Just the act of me punishing them down here gives me a buzz! I doubt there is anything better than seeing a disobedient English schoolgirl peeling down her sticky knickers and bending over a school stool with her chubby teenage bottom high in the air. Well their is 1 thing thats better, and thats when the bottom that is so perfectly bent over is then given a [tag]severe caning[/tag]! Isis the young lady in the freebie gallery below certainly knows what its like to act the part of the naughty [tag]schoolgirl[/tag]. Oh and her vids are superb as well! In my view one of the most “cane”able” bottoms on the web today …. ! To see pictrures click on the pictures below if you prefer video clip click here

SchoolGirl spanking

School spanking

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