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Severe Bare Bottom Caning Anyone?

Severe bare bottom caning

Ok so we know that otk over the knee [tag]spanking[/tag] is popular. I wont argue with that. But the Brits seem to have a definate kink for severe use of the cane delivered with full force across a bare quivering bottom! I found the below free [tag]spanking movie[/tag] gallery on one my many late night spanking searches. Honestly the girl in the video “Sarah” takes such a thrashing with the rod that it almost brought tears to my eyes! I loved the way though her bare buttocks are criss crossed with deep angry welts, the size and shape of [tag]her bottom[/tag] and the way she took the full force of a very real harsh [tag]caning[/tag] across her back side and bare legs! If welts tears and very naughty [tag]schoolgirls[/tag] are not your thing dont click … but if you enjoy red swollen welted cheeks then you gotta see this ;)

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