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The Domestic Discipline Plan

Spanking is an act of discipline given under controlled circumstances, for specific behaviors or attitudes. It clears the air, so to speak and allows the couple to then make up and forget the offending incident. By dealing with offences completely while they are small, there is no chance for them to grow into serious problems. Spankings administered properly – improve attitudes, increase domestic harmony, create an unselfish spirit, and eliminate unpleasant situations.

Discipline must be given lovingly and accepted as the caring act that it is. Willing submission to the discipline is a must. The one in need of discipline must be loyal, obedient, and cooperative.

The disciplinarian must be careful to respect the health, safety, and needs of the disciplined one.

Putting the Plan into action

To achieve the greatest benefit from domestic discipline, a couple should decide upon a definite plan. Set up the rules and the consequences for breaking them. This cannot be so rigid that it cannot be changed as situations and living conditions change. In fact, regular discussions should take place to modify the agreement as the need for new rules present themselves. The attention to communication is imperative.

Decide upon the place, timing and position of the spankings. Many couples spank only in the bedroom or other specific area. Others may spank at any place, so long as privacy is afforded. Some couples choose to set aside one hour of the day or one day of the week to handle discipline, keeping account of all the offenses and settling them all at once. Others prefer to handle situations as they occur. Even those who prefer to handle each situation individually must delay spankings at times, for discretion’s sake. The position should be agreed upon before a time of discipline is needed. The position should be reasonably comfortable for both parties.


A spanking given as a consequence for breaking preset rules is not a beating. Spankings hurt, as they must to be effective, but there is no intent to scar or maim the disciplined one. Indeed, the pain gives the motivation to learn by ones mistakes, relieves the guilt, and puts an end to the trouble between the two. When the Spanking is concluded the incident is closed. Spankings make both the disciplinarian and the disciplined one accountable. The disciplinarian must be accountable to discipline with care, as often as is required to maintain peace in the household. The disciplined one is accountable to follow the rules and submit to discipline when the rules are broken.

How to administer a Spanking

A spanking is not a beating. To spank is to slap on the bared bottom forcibly. Sometimes implements are used to make the spanking more effective, but they should never be designed to cut, wound, or permanently scar the disciplined one.

The spanking must be thorough. This requires that the disciplinarian know the one being disciplined. The disciplinarian must know when true repentance is obtained. The one giving the discipline must also know when the cries turn from the normal cries of one being spanked into the cries of physical distress.

The disciplinarian should never spank when angry. A short time out may be needed to allow the anger to cool and the disciplined one time to think about the incident. Both parties should be calm when the spanking is administered. The disciplined one should accept the discipline as soon as is spoken by the disciplinarian. No begging or pleading should deter the true disciplinarian from carrying out the just punishment.

When the spanking is over, the incident is closed. The couple should hug, kiss and make up. For either of the parties to hold any part of the incident against the other would be a breech of love and faith in each other that is required by this relationship.

For the most part, discipline is a private matter. It is not done where others may see. The individual incidents are not discussed publicly. One might discuss the entire subject of domestic discipline, but not individual incidences.

Spankings can be given on several types of occasions:

1) When the agreed upon rules are broken.

2) When the disciplinarian feels the attitude of the disciplined one needs adjustment.

3) When the disciplined one requests a spanking.

4) When there has been no need for discipline for a while and the disciplinarian feels a reminder or maintenance spanking is needed.

Naturally spankings are required when the rules are broken. It should be understood that the disciplinarian is in charge and he can discipline for poor attitudes as well as poor behaviors. Therefore, the first two types of occasions do not require explanation. The third occasion occurs at times when the disciplined one is feeling guilt or the stress of day-to-day living. On these occasions the disciplinarian must accommodate the needs of the other. The disciplined one must be clear in expressing the need. The disciplined one should address specifically what level of discipline is needed on these occasions.

On the fourth type of occasion, the couple might decide on regular maintenance spankings. These would be given on regular basis. That is on a certain day of the week, or month, a spanking will be given for not reason other than to remind both parties of the discipline relationship. In some instances the disciplinarian may just decide that it is time for a maintenance spanking. If it isn’t a scheduled maintenance spanking, the disciplinarian should make very sure that the disciplined one understands that there is not a specific reason for the spanking other than to remind everyone that it is a disciplined household and who is in charge of discipline in the household.

Spankings are always to be administered on the bare bottom. This allows the disciplinarian to see the redness of the bottom and to guard against undue damage. The purpose of the spanking is to redden and sting the bottom. Clothing obscures the view and might lead to a spanking that isn’t thorough or is unduly severe.

Step by step

1. When the occasion arises and a spanking is called for the disciplined one should be instructed to go to the designated area and prepare. In this case the disciplined one should wait patiently for the disciplinarian to come and administer the spanking. With some couples the disciplined one is lead gently by the disciplinarian to the place where the spanking is to take place. In either case, the disciplined one must obey without argument, begging or pleading.

2. When the disciplinarian arrives at the place of the spanking, he should remind the disciplined one that this is a household of discipline and of the specific offenses or that it is a reminder spanking. Sometimes those being disciplined find it helpful to admit that the spanking is needed and deserved.

3. The disciplined one should place her/him self in the position indicated by the disciplinarian. Most couples will use the Over the knee position, but there are other submissive positions that might be used. The over the knee position, with the disciplinarian seated on the bed or chair allows for the greatest safety in couples new to discipline. The disciplinarian can hold the one being disciplined in this traditional spanking position and closely view her/his bottom for the effect of his/her handiwork. This allows the disciplinarian to do a most thorough job, without allowing her/him to hurt themselves by moving during the spanking.

4. The bottom of the disciplined one must be bared. Either party, at the point decided on by them, may do this. The choreography of the procedure should be decided on and practiced before it is implemented.

5. It is the disciplinarian’s duty to thoroughly spank her/him. The disciplinarian must know the degree of redness needed to provide the desired effect in the disciplined one. He must strike the bottom and only the bottom repeatedly, until the bottom stings and she/he is truly repentant.

6. When the spanking is concluded the disciplined one should stand, dress, hug and thank the disciplinarian for the discipline. This is sometimes extremely hard for a person to do. It takes strength of will to overcome the pain and humiliation just received to say the words, “Thank you for spanking me”. A word to the disciplined ones, you must make yourself do this. At first the words may not reflect the disciplined one’s true feelings. It will help them to remember that this treatment was agreed upon in advance. As the glow in the bottom subsides they will realize that the disciplinarian loves her/him and cares about them enough to correct their behavior and attitudes. The glow in the bottom will be replaced by the intensified glow of love in the heart.

7. Normal activities should then be resumed. The incident should be closed.

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